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Moe's Alley
     Opening for
Boot Juice

Santa Cruz, CA

Dec. 15, 2022

We're in the studio now and looking forward to
sharing our upcoming 2023 release with you!

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ForTheLoveOfTheLand band is based in Santa Cruz, CA. Five guys from all walks of life and musical backgrounds gathered while the rest of the world stood still. They re-created Paul Damon's original songs within a swirl of eclectic tastes and interesting flavors. This new formation brought rhythms and textures to old resonant feelings within grooves that move people's feet and hug their souls.

With African inspired percussion dancing around the driving beat of rock drums and funky bass, an electrified World variety of instruments including flute and sax guides the ensemble into a rhythmic dream. Accompanied by powerful charging vocals, For The Love Of The Land weaves melody, harmony, and danceable beats into a night to remember.

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